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Letting go and Letting God take control

My friend is moving to another province in a few months and we were chatting about how much we would visit each other. This is not her first move, so she is feeling a bit sad, scared, wondering where to start, what to start with, children’s school, where they will stay, friends and clients being left behind. It is not easy. As we were chatting, she sent me the following and I thought it was too good not to share so I got her permission to share it here.

Peace be still

Letting go and letting God be in total control is something that I have always struggled with. Sometimes even when I can see that I am headed to destruction, I will still go full force… until God has no choice but to take drastic action to stop me and bring me back, closer to him. I hope you will be as blessed as I was when I read this:


Letting God take complete control


I was reflecting on 2006 when one of the scariest things happened to me, we were in an accident and I broke my back in 5 places and couldn’t walk for about 9 months to follow. It was scary because I had absolutely no control over my healing. My doctors couldn’t say if I would eventually walk or if there was an operation they could perform so I would be okay.

Letting God lead

In that time I surrendered control to God. I’ve been reflecting of late, how it takes something drastic for me not to control how things impact me, conceal my emotions, keep a level head and not lose my calm self.


This upcoming experience feels like the rug being taken out from under my feet in a way as well. There’s no way I can make the process faster/ slower according to my timelines and wishes. Yet there’s also not much I can do to influence how much I get to know about the future.

Letting go and letting God lead

I feel overwhelmed and it is time I give God the control here too. I don’t even know where I learnt this “over prepared and planning” thing but I’m seeing how it can rob me of God’s full plan that’s bigger than any plans or projections I could ever put in place. Today’s prayer time has really been reminding me of this, not just for the move but trusting God in general as the driver 🙏🏽 He knew about all these detours I would encounter even before I was born.

Total Surrender to God


I felt inspired to share with you the part of letting God take the wheel. It’s a lesson I keep relearning.


Elona Hlatshwayo is a Certified Coach and Mentor.

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