Because sometimes you will not win


I completed the 15K race in 2 hours and 7 minutes. It wasn’t the greatest time by any means, but for me it was perfect. I had a training injury the week before and though I tried to rest more my legs felt like they were getting heavier and more painful by the day. I bought a cream to massage on my legs and though it seemed to work, imagine my shock when 2 days later I was breaking out. I was reacting to the cream, so I stopped.


I went into the race a bit sore but with the mentality that it would get better when I started to run. It didn’t. In fact, it kept getting worse and at one point I told myself that I would not make it. So for a good hour, I walked. By the time I got up the hill and so the 5km mark, I knew I would struggle to make it if I didn’t push myself. I was tempted to take it easy and walk run with friends but this was my race. I had dedicated this race to myself. I said a prayer and an affirmation and off I went. My legs were not sore anymore, as long as I was running. So I kept running. I passed a few people who had trouble and couldn’t go on. It was painfully hard to go on at the end, but I soldiered on and pushed myself. I was very happy to come in with lots of time to spare. I left the grounds before the cut off time, but I know there are people who did not make cut off.

Fresh start

I do not blame them and truth be told, I do not feel sorry for them and I do not pity them. Sometimes you will not win, and it’s okay. It is not about the medal. Yes, medals give you bragging rights, but for me, it is more about the fact that you turned up! You did not sleep in, you woke up early and turned up. Not only did you turn up, but you ran the race, your race. Your way, your time. You ran your race. That is all that matters. That is all it is about. Because there will always be another race tomorrow, and the day after. You just need to get up and show up. All the time. Not just when you win, not only when you feel like showing up, not only when everything is perfect. All the time!


Today’s loss is practice for tomorrow’s win. Keep showing up.

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