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Finding your passion

Passion! We live during a time when the saying ‘Nothing new under the sun’ rings very true. Finding your passion… Is this still even a thing? Do people still lead with passion? Or is passion overrated? Is it just another buzzword?   How much has already been written about this? A lot right? How many ‘Finding your passion’ tests are out there? A lot right? How many have you taken? How many books do you have that ...
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You are not alone in your depression

I was going to title this post something like ‘You are not alone’, but ended up adding ‘in your depression’ because I feel it is high time we talked about depression loudly and in open spaces. No more talking about it as if it doesn’t exist, as if it is all in someone’s head! No more telling people to grow up or snap out of it! One of my favourite stories in the bible is the story of Elijah and the ...
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Letting go and Letting God take control

My friend is moving to another province in a few months and we were chatting about how much we would visit each other. This is not her first move, so she is feeling a bit sad, scared, wondering where to start, what to start with, children’s school, where they will stay, friends and clients being left behind. It is not easy. As we were chatting, she sent me the following and I thought it was too good not to share so I got her permission to ...
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Keep the fire burning!

  It is the beginning of the year and boy are we all not raving about goals and resolutions! Don’t get me wrong, I am not hating. I have a list of my own goals that I want to achieve this year. I actually don’t remember making any new year goals for 2017. I think I was burnt out from a hectic 2016. In 2017 I just wanted to live and live fully. I lived, but I don’t think I lived fully. Why? Well, it only came to me recently that the bulk ...