You strike a woman you strike a rock! I have always been inspired and believed in the power and strength of women. Be it the quiet shy woman working tirelessly and quietly to feed, clothe and educate her household. The not so shy creative woman who knows what she wants and is not shy to go get it whatever it costs. The colourful flamboyant woman who could care less what people think of her. The opposite reserved ‘cultural’ woman whose life is all about pleasing everyone and making sure she is doing everything her world expects of a woman. The classy corporate woman who knows no sleep and no limit when it comes to navigating herself through the corporate seas.


I think of this place as a place of refuge. A place where one comes to hear(read) life, to take a break from life, to be inspiredĀ for life, to be motivated in life, to have a new lease on life. A place where one comes to rekindle their love of life, to be themselves, not as the world dictates, but as you were meant to. A place for anyone tired of being in a mold and wanting to grow and be themselves, free from the dictates of life.


Welcome to the blog, take off your shoes, let down your hair, be yourself and live the best version of your life!