I love speaking, that’s it! I listen as well, but I do speak! I love speaking and writing about topics that inspire me and push me out of my comfort zone and that I believe that where I cannot always speak to people, I can write and they can read and also be inspired and motivated to live their best lives daily instead of later or never.

This blog is one of my many places of refuge. A place where one comes to hear (read) life, to take a break from life, to be inspiredĀ for life, to be motivated in life, to have a new lease on life. A place where one comes to rekindle their love of life, to be themselves, not as the world dictates, but as you were meant to. A place for anyone tired of being in a mold and wanting to grow and be themselves, free from the dictates of life.

Welcome to a place where I share my thoughts on life and how it can and should be better. A place where I encourage not only myself but you the reader to live the best version of your life now!