3 Ways to boost your confidence



Where would you be if you were confident? What would you do? What would you be doing? There is definately no doubt in my mind that you would be living the best version of your life if you were confident.


1.Don’t compare yourself to anyone else

I know this is easier said than done. You have probably found yourself comparing your fine self to someone else without even knowing you are doing that. Comparing steals your joy, makes you feel like something is wrong with you or is missing from your life, even when it is not. Next time you find yourself feeling sad or inadequate because you are comparing yourself, ask yourself why you are comparing yourself. What don’t you have? Will having it make you love yourself more? Will it make your life better? Will it make you a better person? What do you have? Be thankful for what you have and fall in love with yourself each day.





2. Don’t apologise for everything, even things that are not your fault

I am in this trap. I used to call it being polite. But I have since come to realise that being apologetic makes me lose out on being myself. I was always on the lookout, never focusing on myself as I was always saying ‘Sorry’ even for things that were not myself. People walked over me because of that. When I need to apologise, I do apologise, but I have learnt that I am not responsible for everything. There is no need to apologise for everything and everyone. If someone else needs to apologise, then I let them apologise.



3.Don’t wish, just do it

Procastinate much? Well, stop sitting there wishing and waiting and start doing. Your dreams will not make themselves come alive. You need to work at them. A wish here and there is cool, but don’t let your life be determined by your wishing. Tomorrow may never come, what you have is now. Make good use of the time.



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