Be powerful and Brave

Be unapologetically powerful and brave!


I saw this on Sarah Jakes Robert’s Instagram page the other day and was moved! The power of that statement hit me like a brick! It spoke to me. Like it was there just for me! Why? Because I am afraid of my own power!


Over the years I have been downing my power. I told myself it was so as to not make other people uncomfortable. But deep down I knew it was fear. It was easier and safer to keep dreaming. Instead of making anyone comfortable, it made me not only unhappy but timid, afraid of my own shadows, feel ing like I was going through life as an imposter, like I did not belong.


But I get it now, I was trying to be something I am not. I was trying to be someone I do not know and all this power I have been sitting on was just bubbling under me, threatening to explode and I had no clue what to do with it.


Well… I have resolved to claim back my power. I have resolved to be the powerful and brave woman I was meant to be. I am unapologetically brave and powerful, and I have a plan.


How to be brave and powerful:

Dress up/ Suit up:

There’s nothing as powerful as dressing up. It’s actually the easiest thing to do as well, look the part! Start there and all else will follow. Let the world see how powerful you are before you even say anything. It’s called power dressing for a reason, feel the power yourself.


Affirm yourself:

This should actually have been at the top! You are amazing! You are powerful! There is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it.
The world will never tell you this enough times, sometimes it will never tell you. Wake up every morning and remind yourself of this. Have your own ‘haka’ or war song or victory song! Your heart song! Keep it in your heart and carry it with you through the day. In all your meetings, all your interactions and all your work, as you have tea or lunch . You are powerful and capable of even more powerful things. Never ever forget that!



Share the power:

Honestly, I believe you actually lose some power if you hoard it all to yourself. Look around you, is there anyone who could benefit from your joy, your bravery, a kind word from you, an affirmation? Go right ahead and share with the world. We can all do with more powerful and brave people in our lives. Lift someone up and see the world become a better place one person at a time!


All in all, life is to be lived and lived well and full. Have lots of fun and do your best in everything that you do!

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