You are more than Enough

One of my favorite parts in the bible is after Adam and Eve have sinned and they try to hide from God when He comes to commune with them as was the norm. They then proceed to tell God that they are hiding from him because they are naked. Guess what God’s reply is? ‘Who told you?’! How powerful is that?


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‘Who told you that you were naked?’

‘Who told you that you are not beautiful?’

‘Who told you that you were not worthy?’

‘Who told you that you were stupid?’

‘Who told you that you were ugly?’

‘Who told you that you were worthless?’

‘Who told you that you were good for nothing?’

‘Who told you?’

‘Who told you?’


I used to struggle with feelings of not being good enough. I always felt I needed to do more. Actually, I was told I needed to do more, to be more. As a child I was always compared with other kids who were more obedient, who cleaned more and better, who woke up earlier, who did their chores without any push. I got to a point where I did not care and would not push myself, especially when compared to others. That did not stop the comparison though. But I told myself I did not care so I could spare my already hurt feelings.

Growing up, the voices did not stop. They followed me from home to school to work. They were all around me. Until I reexamined the story of Adam and Eve. The words ‘Who told you…?’ resonated so deeply in me that I kicked myself for not seeing it earlier. I suppose I was not ready to see it ealier.

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It changed my life. Whenever thoughts of not being worthy start plaguing me I do the following:

  • Evaluate where those thoughts are coming from

What triggered those thoughts? And put a plug on it. Something usually sets off negative thoughts. You need to find out what your trigger is so you can stay away from anything that leads to it in the future.

  • Take yourself from the situation

I simply refuse to listen to negative things anymore. I am tired of being made to feel worthless. I know who I am and I love myself. I know I am capable of greatness even more wild than I can imagine. I simply have no room in my life for anything that does not lead there.

  • Affirmations

Words are powerful things. As a man thinketh…. Words said to you or by you to you remain with you long after they have been said. Make a list of powerful positive affirmations for yourself. Speak love to yourself, speak encouragement to yourself. Don’t just wait until you feel bad about yourself to affirm yourself. Affirm yourself when you wake up, as you get ready for work as you eat, as you go about your day and even when you go to bed at night. Surround yourself with powerful words all the time

  • Choose your circle wisely

Birds of a feather they say. So choose your birds wisely. Surround yourself with positive people who want the best for you, who are always encouraging you and inspiring you to do better and be better. You only live once, make sure that you do life with the best company you can get.


No one should ever make you feel like you are good enough. Never. You are more than enough!

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