How to get up when you feel sad and down!

Wait on the LORD_ be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart_ wait, I say, on the LORD.


Humans are generally groupies. I think that is how we are wired. To be with other humans, working together towards sometimes similar and often times not so similar goals. Why else would there be a saying like ‘No man is an island’? 😊 No, it is true, no man is an island, we all need someone or some people to help us, cheer us along. We also need to help others, cheer them along, pull them up.

10 Pick me ups for when you feel sad and down!

But what happens when everyone around you is too busy to notice that you need cheering up? Or when you fake it so well that you are doing well? What do you do then? When life feels so overwhelming that you feel like you can’t get up or go on. What do you do then?

Psalm 43_5 – Why are you downcast, O my soul_ Why so disturbed within me_ Put your hope in God.

Well, only one thing that you can do then….. you cheer yourself up. You motivate yourself. You do everything and anything to get your cheer up. Am I being vague? Here is a list of things I do to cheer and motivate myself when it feels like no one is there to cheer me along:


10 Pick me ups for when you feel sad and down! (1)

  • First things first, give it to God: Pray about the situation. I know, sometimes when you are feeling down and out it can feel like God is the one who put you there, it can feel like he is just watching you suffer. Talk to God, tell him exactly how you are feeling. Cry if you have to, but let him know how you are feeling.
  • Play your theme song and dance: This is something I started doing in 2018. I love dancing. 😊 Whether or not I can actually dance is another thing, but I love moving to a good song. This year I picked a song that resonated with an area of my life I wanted to grow and change and whenever I feel down and sluggish, I play the song and dance.
  • Take a break: Sometimes walking away from a situation for a moment brings a bit of clarity and calm. Take a walk, go to the shops, drink a glass of water. Take a break.
  • Have a cup of chamomile tea: Depending on low you feel, you might need a cup of tea to help you feel better. It doesn’t have to be chamomile tea, a herbal drink of your choice will do as well.
  • Take a long bath: There is currently a drought in Cape Town at the moment so long baths are a luxury for me. But if water is not an issue where you are, light up some scented candles, put in some bath salts and just relax and unwind.
  • Bible verses/Affirmations: This should probably be right at the top with prayer. Don’t wait till you are down and out to look for encouragement verses or affirmations. Have a list of verses and affirmations that you repeat daily. Some for when you wake up, as you go about your morning, for during the day and as you come home and prepare for bed.
  • Talk to someone: Find someone to talk to. Even if not necessarily about how you are feeling, but call a friend, family member. Talk to someone. Distract yourself from how you are feeling for a minute. Sometimes people will be busy as we all often are, but there will be someone who has a minute to talk to you. Reach out to that person. Do not be alone.
  • Take a nap: I know, I just said don’t be alone. Pretending to be happy and okay when you are sad and depressed can be so tiring. Do not try too hard to be happy just so that everyone around you can be happy. When you feel tired of being around people, take a nap. The rest will do you good and you should be a lot better when you wake up.
  • Eat chocolate: No, not the sugary stuff that is everywhere. Dark chocolate can apparently alleviate the effects of depression.
  • Go to the doctor: If you are still not feeling better after a few days, call your doctor and schedule an appointment and see a professional.



Remember that everything happens for a reason and that this too shall pass. Look out for the silver lining and get ready for the sunny season ahead.


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